Polyurea Coating

The concept of Polyurea spray elastomer technology was introduced about 20 years ago by chemists at Texaco Chemical Company (now Huntsman Corporation) in Austin, Texas. This new application was based on the reaction of an isocyanate component with an amine blend to produce a Polyurea elastomer system. Since this seminal work, a number of advances in both the chemistry and application equipment for Polyurea have enabled Polyurea elastomer coatings to compete with (and often displace) their traditional counterparts in the commercial arena.

Two-component Polyurea systems are typically known for a very rapid dry time – typically less than 10 seconds. This rapid dry time is very consistent / uniform over a very broad ambient temperature range. While the fast reaction / rapid dry time is virtually unaffected by ambient moisture, the presence of moisture on a substrate must be considered when achieving adhesion to that substrate. This is all made possible by a unique chemistry of raw materials used to develop the two-component Polyurea systems.

Two-component fast set Polyurea systems typically do not contain any solvent or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). They are normally processed by specialized plural component equipment, which develops high pressure and high temperature for spray application. The two components are mixed inside the impingement mix spray gun, as there typically is not any pre-mixing or hot potting.

Polyurea coating is a fast drying plural component and UV stable coating; is the best alternative to Epoxy, Polyaspartics, Acrylic, and Urethane Systems. Polyurea coating is available for specific requirement as well as in variety of colors.

A wide variety of applications are seen, these include Coating / Lining applications over Concrete, Geotextile membranes, various metals for corrosion and decorative areas as well as some plastics. For all of these, the rapid dry time of the technology means that the area of application can be returned to service rather quickly.

One of Polyurea’s most unusual properties is its short cure time. Pure Polyurea can set up in 10 seconds or less. Project completion time is minimized in another way, too. The coating can be applied to the full desired thickness in one layer. Polyurea formulations are either 100 percent solids or very close to it. With little or no solvent content, the products are nonflammable and emit little or no odors or VOCs during application. The film thickness wet is equal to the film thickness dry with the Polyurea. Polyurea coatings can be applied successfully at any reasonable temperature, from near freezing to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also much more tolerant of humidity than other coatings.

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